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Award Criteria for Induction into the IMA - Hall of Fame.

The Board will decide whether they get nominated! Only 250 persons for 2019 can be inducted

Candidates for induction may be nominated or recommended by anyone. All applications will be formally reviewed and submitted to the International Martial Arts Hall of Fame nomination committee. You must be approved for induction by one or more committee members. A recipient of the IMA-Hall of Fame Award, the individual must have made a significant contribution to the martial arts way.


As an example of these significant contributions:

Must also have the true spirit of a martial artist and be of good character that represents a strong role model to those who are coming after. Creating world class students (teachers / champions). Winning several National or International titles or championships for a country Held long running tournaments or public exhibitions.

Platinum Life Award
(50+ Yrs Experience)
  • Martial Arts Legend

  • Great Grandmaster of the Year

  • Lifetime Achievement Award

  • Posthumously Awarded

  • Platinum Life Award

Golden Life Award
(40+ Yrs Experience)
  • Ambassador of the year

  • Founder of the Year

  • IMA-HOF Honor Award

  • Grandmaster of the Year (8 dan +)

  • Golden Life Award

Silver Life Award
(25+ Yrs Experience)
  • Master of the Year (5 dan +)

  • Organization of the Year

  • Organizer of the Year

  • Instructor of the Year

  • Coach of the Year

  • Silver Life Award

Bronze Life Award
(15+ Yrs Experience)
  • Competitor of the Year

  • Black Belt of the Year

  • Student of the year

  • Martial Arts School of the Year

  • Assistant Instructor of the Year

  • Instructor of the Year

  • Volunteer of the year

  • Bronze Life Award
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